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Regenerative Viticulture

— Harboring Nature

Conventional agriculture relies on pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and continual tilling to eliminate all competition with the target crop. In contrast, regenerative organic agriculture prioritizes soil health and harnesses the natural resilience of diverse ecosystems to resist pests and weeds. Rather than using harmful poisons, we have installed owl and kestrel nest boxes and raptor perches to encourage natural predation on rodents. 

As a Regenerative Organic Certified® vineyard, Ambar may appear less tidy than other vineyards, with dozens of species of cover crops growing within rows and between vines, and additional areas seeded with native plants to attract native pollinators. This exuberance is a sign of a resilient ecosystem that is a testament to the health of our vines, the soils that nourish them, and the interconnected network of plant, animal, and microbial life that call Ambar home.

Healthy Soils

— Fostering Biodiversity

Life is founded on soil health. Ambar had not been farmed in decades, and had healthy soil with high organic content from the beginning. To preserve this precious resource we minimize tillage to maximize carbon sequestration and protect the complex underground ecosystem of microbes and fungi that exchange nutrients with our vines. We seed a diverse cover crop, which is allowed to slowly biodegrade, rather than being tilled under. To protect the health of our land and our workers, we never use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. In winter, sheep graze our cover crop to prevent soil compaction caused by tractor mowing. The result is fruit that fully expresses Ambar Estate’s true terroir.

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Distinctive Terroir

— Planted with Intention

Primarily composed of iron and manganese-rich Jory volcanic clay, Ambar Estate sits at a maximum elevation of 550 feet, gently sloping to 420 feet. The predominantly eastern orientation enhances the vineyard’s climate resilience. After conducting a detailed sonar-based soil-mapping analysis, we carefully customized our choice of rootstock, row orientation, and grape varieties to our special site. Our vineyard is planted to the specific clones (3 of Chardonnay and 11 of Pinot Noir) best suited to the expression of our terroir. 

Trying to express a sense of place in a wine is essentially futile if you’ve managed to annihilate the underground life in your vineyard.
— Ray Isle
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Advantages of Membership

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